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On the cold water machine safety operation skills

Time:2016-01-16  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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In recent years cold water machine has been widely used in industrial, medical, and even in daily life, so cold water machine operation and corresponding problems become the focus of people's attention, especially how chiller operating safety, then what cold water machine the how safe operation?? below by cold water machine manufacturers of cold water machine safety operation skills.
1, please check the installation of the machine is damaged, choose the right place, in order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the future.
2, the installation of the site must be the floor, the installation pad or foundation, the level of the 6.4mm, and can bear the weight of the unit operation.
3, the unit should be placed at room temperature for 4.4-43.3 degrees in the room, the unit around and above should be sufficient space for daily maintenance work.
4, at one end of the unit should be set aside to clean the condenser tube bundle pumping pipe space, but also the door or other suitable location hole.
5, select the appropriate diameter of water pipes, the maximum power of the unit operation of the cooling system and cooling water system, and the correct connection.
6, for the common application, through the evaporator and the condenser water flow rate between 1.0-3.6m/s.
7, under any load conditions, water flow should be kept stable.
8, all the cooling water and cooling water pipeline design and installation should be carried out according to the conventional method, the chilled water pump should be located on the water inlet pipe of the unit to ensure the positive pressure and the flow rate of the unit. Piping should be set up to ensure the proper elastic vibration tube, but also to prevent the pump shutdown when the evaporator water is discharged.
9, the pipeline should be independent of the strong support of the cold water unit, to avoid the stress imposed on the components of the water chiller. Hanger for pipeline of.
10, in order to reduce the noise and vibration, it is best to install vibration isolator on the pipeline.
11, to effective and economical use of water chiller, it is recommended please water treatment expert analysis of evaporator and condenser water, bad water quality will cause fouling on heat transfer, or corrosion precipitation, organic growth, influence to the unit performance, operating and maintenance costs. Bus processing machine 12, generally speaking, the proper water treatment and a bundle of regular cleaning to maintain its good performance, if the existing water quality conditions cannot use appropriate methods to be improved, it will be considering allowing bundle have larger dirt coefficient or designated special structural materials.
13, please install the filter in the inlet of the water pipe, and regular cleaning.
14, after the test, all nozzle must be rust treatment.
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