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Enterprise how to do maintenance work on the controller of the cold water machine?

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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Is not only a cold water machine, in fact, many industries are running a lot of equipment can not be separated from the pressure controller. These devices are assembled from different parts, accessories and accessories will exist between the different pressure range. In order to reduce the influence of the pressure of the chiller performance, cold water machine operator should be regularly on the pressure controller were detected, ensure chiller in operation and safe pressure range to help chiller effectively away from the influence of various fault.
What is the pressure control it is mainly refers to the high and low pressure controller of the cold water machine, in the running state of the cold water machine, you can see through the high pressure meter, low pressure meter clearly see the running pressure of the cold water machine. Different range of pressure on the impact of the cold water machine, the daily operation of the cold water machine, the pressure controller for the high and low pressure to carry out the comprehensive difficulty of detection and protection. If cold water machine in operation in the process of encounter pressure is too high or low pressure case, cold water machine will be the power protection, reducing cold water machine malfunction, brought about due to the pressure change range is too big, so as to effectively guarantee the normal operation of the chiller and prolong its service life.
As electronic equipment, we should how to maintenance of the chiller?? due to the cold water machine pressure controller higher requirements for the environment, so the first thing to provide a comfortable environment for the user to the cold water machine, while ensuring the use of voltage and current within the scope of the provisions, to avoid the pressure produces a wide range of changes. In the safe pressure range to run the cold water machine, can reduce the probability of failure of the unit, to provide comprehensive technical support for enterprises to stay away from all kinds of cold water machine.
Enterprise arrangements for staff to maintain the high and low pressure cold water machine, the time must be carefully detected. If the voltage and current in the standard range, the pressure controller of the cold water machine can normally power off, it shows that the normal operation of the cold water machine. If in the chiller operation can not be normal power, then cold water machine pressure controller may exist fault, should arrange workers to conduct a more detailed inspection and maintenance, if not repair should be directly replace the pressure controller to ensure the chiller is normal and stable operation.
Cold water machine controller directly affects the cold water machine is capable of safe and stable operation, to ensure that the chiller to 24 hours for each enterprise to refrigerate, then the enterprise should be arrange the training, master cold water machine the normal switch machine step, has each kind of maintenance maintenance of basic knowledge, in strict accordance with the chiller plant staff to guide the operation of cold water machine. Or directly employ professional and technical personnel for the protection of the cold water machine, so as to improve the operational efficiency of the cold water machine, to avoid because of a variety of failures affect the normal operation of the cold water machine.


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