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Role of cold water filter and troubleshooting of common faults

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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The function of the filter is to collect the solid impurities in the refrigeration system and the lubricating oil, prevent the system and capillary tube, or the expansion valve plug, ensure the pipeline system of the cold water machine is unimpeded.
Dry filter special for water chiller, mainly composed of desiccant and metal mesh. Its shell is the copper pipe closing molding, both ends of the import and export have the same diameter and the diameter of two. In the end of the thick metal net, end of fine metal mesh. Internal desiccant is used to absorb the refrigerant in the water, to ensure the smooth flow of the capillary and expansion valve, to ensure the normal operation of industrial water cooling system.
Whether it is air cooled chiller or water cooled chiller and screw type cold water machine, need to use dry filter effectively filter the impurities in the water or oil, the filter time is too long, and there is no regular cleaning and replacement, it will cause a dirty, blocking phenomenon, influence of chiller cooling effect. It is the fault performance for the filter housing by warm cold or frost dew, resulting in evaporator liquid supply shortage.
If there is no difference in temperature between the outer shell, the filter is completely blocked, and the failure phenomenon is the same when the capillary is completely blocked. If the drying filter and filter appear micro or full block, the main performance for the refrigeration cycle condenser no hot air discharged, the air outlet into room temperature, compressor running boring. If the air-cooled chiller and water cooled chiller and screw type cold water machine, disconnect the dryer near the capillary / connecting pipe, in the capillary / connection tube side to discharge gas sufficient and dryer without gas discharge, that is dryer clogging, contrary to capillary or connecting tube side blocked.
If it is dry filter or filter blockage, you should replace the new filter and vacuum according to refrigerant chillers above nameplate filling quantitative test machine to observe, to ensure the normal operation of the refrigerating system. Since most users are directly to the cooling water, and the unit 24 hours without interruption, then the operator should regularly check the filter to ensure that the chiller is fast, stable operation.


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