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On three major issues of China's refrigeration industry

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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After decades of development of China's refrigeration industry, whether it is the scale of production or technical level, have been greatly improved, the role of the national economy is also growing.
However, due to the wide application of refrigeration equipment, different areas of the requirements are not the same. With the rapid development of various industries, the requirements for the refrigeration equipment is also getting higher and higher. And from the current perspective, China's refrigeration industry still has three major shortcomings.
First, the introduction of foreign advanced technology can not be digested and absorbed in a timely manner. In the industrial field, China's refrigeration industry and foreign contact is relatively early. In the middle of the 1980s, China began to introduce foreign advanced technology, and established a number of joint ventures. But at present, the technical progress of China's refrigeration industry is still far from meeting the needs of other industries, especially some cutting-edge technologies and products can not be developed independently.
After the reform and opening up, a large number of imported products flooded the domestic market, while domestic products due to the lack of timely technical updates and development, the original product market share has gradually been swallowed by foreign products.
Two is the overall quality of the refrigeration industry needs to be improved. Like other industries in China, the serious shortage of senior technicians in China's refrigeration industry has become an indisputable fact. Old technology university most retired, new technicians and do not fill up, this kind of "lean" phenomenon has seriously hindered the healthy development of refrigeration industry in China. Therefore, the experts suggest that enterprises should be the unique skills of the old mechanic hired back, so they take apprentice, through the pass, help, with, to ease the contradiction of the shortage of skilled workers in china.
Three is the lack of capital investment in technical development, serious brain drain, domestic brands unknown. As is known to all, the compressor is the most important part of the refrigeration equipment. But a mention of the compressor, people think of the first is the United States, the valley of their products, the quality of the market has been deeply rooted in the root. And the domestic production enterprises, in order to prove their products, quality assurance, always like to tell the user: our products are used in the United States Valley wheel compressor. Continuously for a long time, in the minds of people have such a concept, only with a foreign compressor refrigeration equipment, product quality is guaranteed. The compressor of domestic brands will no more "in the light of day".
Another product is a refrigeration valve. At present, China's valve products have been all over the various fields of national economy, but the domestic valve in the refrigeration industry is difficult to base. Most refrigeration equipment manufacturers can hardly say that the production of domestic refrigeration valve manufacturers, but these companies do not have no idea of Danfoss refrigeration valve products.
The reasons for the above phenomenon, mainly in China's investment in technical development, lack of funds, lack of funds, digestion, absorption, innovation is an empty talk. In addition, most of the domestic enterprises have short-term behavior, like to do things fast, while the investment is high, 5 or 10 years to receive the benefits of technology investments are often not positive. In this regard, the difference between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises is quite large.


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