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Discussion on the components of the refrigerating system of the cold water machine

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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Cold water machine as a water cooling equipment is plays an important role in the people's daily life and work, regardless of industry or in life, cold water machine are widely used in all walks of life, applications such as electronic components, circuit board production, dairy products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, biological products and so on, however in the practical application of the chiller refrigeration system, a lot of people really doesn't know the constituents of water cooler refrigeration system is how to, the following by the refrigeration unit manufacturers for everybody simple introduction.
1, condenser: air filter in the refrigeration process of the condenser plays the role of the output of heat energy and refrigerant condensation. From a refrigeration compressor discharge pressure superheated steam entering the condenser, the in all of the heat absorption working process, including from, as well as evaporator and refrigerating compressor in the pipe by absorbing heat transfer to the surrounding medium (water or air) air cooler away; high pressure refrigerant vapor superheat re condensed into a liquid. According to the different cooling medium and cooling mode, the condenser can be divided into three types: water cooled condenser, air-cooled condenser and evaporative condenser. )
2, a dry filter: in cold water machine refrigeration cycle must prevent moisture and dirt (oil, iron, copper scrap) into, source of moisture is mainly of micro amount of water contained in the newly added lubricating oil and refrigerant, or due to system maintenance time gas into the water. If the system of moisture is not ruled out clean, when the refrigerant through the throttle valve (thermal expansion valve or capillary), due to the decrease of temperature, pressure and sometimes water will solidify into ice, causes the channel blocking, affecting the normal operation of the refrigeration device. Therefore, the dry filter must be installed in the chiller system.
3, compressor: compressor is the core component of the entire refrigeration system, but also the source of the power of the refrigerant compression. It is the role of the input of the electrical energy into mechanical energy, the refrigerant compression.
4, liquid storage device: liquid storage tank installed in the condenser, and the condenser of the liquid discharge tube is directly connected. The condenser refrigerant liquid should be unimpeded inflow in the liquid storage device, so that it can make full use of the cooling area of the condenser. On the other hand, when the heat load of the evaporator is changed, the requirement of the refrigerant liquid is changed, then the liquid storage device plays the role of regulating and storing the refrigerant. For small chiller systems, it is often not to install the reservoir, but to use the condenser to regulate and store the refrigerant.
5, evaporator: evaporator is to rely on the evaporation of refrigerant liquid (in fact boiling) to absorb the heat of the cooling medium heat transfer equipment. The function of it in the refrigeration system is to absorb the quantity of heat (or cold). In order to ensure that the evaporation process can be stable and lasting, it is necessary to constantly use the refrigeration compressor will be the evaporation of gas pumping away, in order to maintain a certain evaporation pressure.
6, a thermal expansion valve thermal expansion valve in the cold water chiller system is a flow regulating valve and throttle valve for the refrigeration equipment, it in the refrigeration equipment installed between the drying filter and evaporator, the temperature sensing packet is wrapped in the outlet of the evaporator. Its main function is the normal temperature and high pressure liquid refrigerant flows in a thermal expansion valve throttle step-down, low-temperature low-pressure refrigerant vapor (mostly liquid, small steam) into the evaporator, in the evaporator absorbs heat of vaporization, and achieve cooling purpose.
7, refrigerant: in the modern industry in the use of the majority of industrial cold water machine using R22 or R12 as a refrigerant. Refrigerant is the working fluid in the refrigeration system, its main function is to carry heat, and to achieve heat absorption and heat release when the state changes.


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