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Eight skills of daily maintenance of cold water machine

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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Cold water machine as a water cooling equipment, widely used in family, machinery and chemical industry and so on, cold water machine is has brought great convenience for our life, both in the chemical industry or in the medical industry, cold water machine maintenance and maintenance is essential and what chemical cold water machine, how can it be maintained?
1, air-cooled chiller unit boot should the fan to see whether the correct steering, such as being transferred to start running, inversion is illustrated in power supply wiring, must replace the phase sequence restart.
2, the unit of the protection device set the value of the plant has been set up well, users do not arbitrarily change.
3, unit failure alarm, press the stop button on the unit (alarm lamp will be extinguished), and then check the cause of the fault, the fault is not excluded before the forced boot operation.
4, unless an emergency shall not by cutting off the main power source to shut down the unit; if the unit in the winter time stop to shut down the machine, and then close the main power supply and system of water placed do.
5, to keep the room clean and well ventilated, regular cleaning of condenser in masonry work, ensure the stable work of the unit.
6, water-cooled chillers confidential keep clean cooling water tower, and keep the flow of air around the tower, low temperature to avoid debris into the cooling tower to reduce heat dissipation efficiency.
7, air-cooled chiller, please keep the chiller cooling coil surface clean, ensure the flow of air around the, low temperature, regular cleaning fouling on the coil, in order to ensure the good effect of heat transfer.
8, such as the cold water machine has been used for more than six months, or high / low voltage switch often fail, or cooling capacity to reduce, please arrange for staff to clean the condenser. If repeated in accordance with the above instructions for repair, cold water machine fault warning still ringing, that we must please professional maintenance of cold water machine repaired.


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