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Structure and common problems of the electromagnetic valve of industrial cold water machine

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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Domestic cold water machine industry all kinds of industrial cold water machine equipment, all need to cooperate with the electromagnetic valve to complete all of the use of the work. The structure of the electromagnetic valve of industrial cold water machine is relatively simple, which is composed of an electromagnetic coil and a magnetic core. When the current of the coil occurs, the magnetic core will use the mode of operation to change the current direction. Battery valve core components for the core, moving iron core, coil and so on the key components of the structure is relatively complex.
Then, the electromagnetic valve common problems how to deal with?
First, the solenoid valve does not work, according to the analysis of a chiller plant, generally due to the problem of voltage. Voltage appears too high or too low, so that the solenoid valve can not be successfully completed all the open work, affecting the normal use of solenoid valve. In the operation of industrial cold water machine, hand first of all necessary for the detection of voltage, can reduce the voltage caused by the problem of electromagnetic valve failure.
Second, if the electrical interface is bad contact, the same will lead to the solenoid valve can not work properly. To ensure the electromagnetic valve in a safe and effective working range and need to each user using a multimeter to the voltage and current detection, industrial cold water machine, electromagnetic valve, if an exception occurs and need to consider to the cause of the poor interface, make quick judgments.
Solenoid valve is an important part of industrial water cooling machine, to maintain the stability of the operation of the solenoid valve, can effectively extend the service life of industrial water machine equipment. Enables the user to complete all production tasks with higher efficiency and lower the cost of all kinds of additional expenses to be paid by the user.


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