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On the cooling method of industrial cold water machine

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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As we all know, the cold water machine is generally used in plastic processing machinery after the mold cooling, and then can improve the surface of plastic light, so as to make the product will not shrink and shrink. So who knows the industrial cold water machine refrigeration technology, the following cold water machine manufacturers for the simple interpretation of the industrial cold water machine refrigeration technology, but also hope to be able to help everyone.
Packaging integrity of the closed-loop system is generally industrial chillers typically used to, industrial cold water machine it contains the expansion valve and cold hot water unit and circulating pump and temperature control station and internal cooling water tank and no flow shut off and the condenser. The tank can help to prevent the occurrence of the peak temperature and to maintain the temperature of the cold water, and when closed loop industrial chillers and then continue to cycle to constant pressure and temperature, thus it will repeat the cooling equipment with an increased stability and its equipment cleaning agent and clean water and so on.
When a large external tank used in the storage of cold water, then it is certainly a very close between them, the temperature difference between the water is very high in the case of the occurrence of. Cooling water does not have to be in the process of the cooler.
And usually we don't often see the open-loop control refrigerator, in the oil bottom shell it continuous cycle there is an open tank of liquid temperature. This liquid, which comes from the tank, passes through the pump unit and then comes back to the tank.

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