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Screw type cold water machine to meet the needs of the use of small space

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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Space size determines which type of industrial ice water machine the enterprise chooses. In order to reduce the cost of using industrial ice machine, the author suggests that small scale industrial chiller can be used to select the screw type industrial ice water machine. Due to the screw type industrial ice machine production technology is advanced, and operation of the power is very high, can maintain the stable operation of the equipment can meet the equipment reduce the requirement of environmental temperature, so as to realize low cost to maintain constant temperature environment.
Screw industrial ice machine have what advantage?
1, screw type industrial ice machine is sometimes very much, first of all, the operating power of the device is higher than the ordinary industrial ice water machine and a variety of piston industrial ice machine. In particular, the use of industrial ice water machine in a small space, as long as the operation of the screw type industrial water machine for a short time, you can get a lower ambient temperature. Space size, decided to equipment to lower the temperature of the environment need to consume the time can be shortened to reduce the time consumption environment, can reduce energy consumption of equipment operation, in order to achieve low cost operation screw industrial ice machines.
2, screw type industrial ice machine production technology advanced, even if the more severe use of the environment, screw type industrial ice machine is still able to maintain a stable operating efficiency. In order to meet the needs of enterprises to quickly reduce the environmental, in the choice of industrial water chiller, buy to a broader range of industrial ice machine can keep low temperature constant, effectively prolong the service life of industrial ice machine.
The overall operational efficiency is higher and the ability to reduce the small space environment is very strong.
Industrial ice machines are very much, and screw industrial chiller operation safety coefficient of highest, even in the absence of any maintenance, the screw type industrial water chiller using more than 4 years will not have any fault. Due to the increasing screw industrial chiller operating power means that any space environment can in the shortest time in lower temperature and lower temperature space time is short, the companies use industrial water chiller consumption costs less, is advantageous for the enterprise to run multiple industrial ice machines at the same time.
The use of industrial ice machine need to be careful, if you can choose the screw type industrial ice machine, you can reduce the temperature of space in the shortest time. The higher the efficiency of reducing the space temperature, the higher the safety factor of the enterprise using the industrial chiller. Enterprises to use industrial ice machine is not affected by the environmental factors, to choose screw industrial chiller can almost meet the demand for the use of any environment, effectively improve the use efficiency of industrial water chiller, prolong the service life of the equipment to provide the conditions


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