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Analysis of the reasons for the decline of industrial cold water mobility

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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Under normal circumstances, if the industrial cold water machine power down the failure, the need for enterprises to find the cause of failure. If an enterprise to use the industrial cooling water machine in the process, there is no time to master a variety of detection and treatment of industrial water cooling engine power decline fault method, then safety of industrial cooling water machine would be affected, and even lead to a variety of small fault. If the probability of failure of the industrial chiller is relatively high, the operating cost of equipment is increasing.
The reason for the decline of the power of industrial cold water machine
1) there is a direct link between the power down and the running power of the equipment. For better use of industrial cooling water machine equipment, as long as the use of industrial cooling water machine, equipment, reduce the time consumption of environmental temperature increased, enterprises need to careful inspection for industrial cooling water machine. If because there is a fault and other reasons, as long as the exclusion of industrial chillers fault can be, if the relationship between the existence of accessories and need to timely replacement of industrial cooling water machine parts, the use of replacement parts of the complete equipment operation, equipment uses the safety coefficient is higher.
2) industrial cold water mobility decreased with the expansion valve is the normal work of the existence of a direct link. Prior to the use of industrial cold water machine, if the installation of industrial cold water machine without the use of professional personnel to complete the installation, then the latter part of the industrial cold water machine operating safety factor. Under the premise of various fault long run industrial chillers, will lead to threats to the safe operation of the equipment, and even lead to enterprise operation, industrial cold water machine, the time is longer, the consumption of more energy.
Measures to deal with
If there is a malfunction in the industrial cold water machine, be careful when using industrial cold water machine, any improper handling behavior will lead to the operation of the equipment is affected. In response to industrial water powered down fault, you first need to stop operation of the industrial water cooling machine equipment, and then detect the cause of equipment failure, according to the specific reasons for complete industrial chillers maintenance, you can avoid the fault threats to industrial cooling water machine and stable operation.
If there are various industrial cold water machine failures, then the use of industrial cold water machine needs to be handled in a timely manner, any wrong way to deal with the service life of the equipment. When the industrial cold water machine appears power down the problem, the enterprise needs to be calm, timely replacement parts can completely solve all kinds of faults.


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