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What are the basic procedures for industrial chiller fault handling?

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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Industrial chiller faults treatment must strictly follow scientific procedures, avoid by all means is unclear, unknown fault, had trepidations blind action, disassemble industrial chillers. The consequences of this will often cause the industrial chiller has been expanded, or cause new faults, and even cause serious damage to industrial water chiller.
If the enterprise is in the operation of industrial chillers failure, should first process the shutdown of the unit and carefully were on-site inspection, understanding industrial chillers fault occurs in various parts of the working conditions, is to determine which parts of the industrial cooling water machine failure, and the extent of damage.
To determine the occurrence of failure and to take emergency measures, the enterprise's industrial water machine operators should be timely and supply of industrial water plant to obtain contact details to inform the fault location and fault conditions. To arrange factory industrial chillers maintenance technicians arrived at the scene, a further worsening of although there is a fault, but also can be in a short time of operation, does not make the fault of industrial chillers, or auxiliary equipment personally start operation for correct analysis of the cause of the malfunction master accurate perceptual knowledge basis.
In addition, the cause of failure can be analyzed by examining the operation record of the industrial chiller. Especially should pay attention to the record in the table is different from the normal operating data and problems occurred, and parts replacement or repair of the running time and reliability, understand safety protection for any reason caused shut down, etc., these and fault is closely related to, in particular, can not be ignored.
If the enterprise is to ensure industrial chillers to normal, safe and stable running for a long time, under the conditions permit can configure a industrial chillers as a backup, even one of the machine, industrial cold water machine, because of the long time running in the inevitable failure, can also start standby industrial cold water machine, will not affect the enterprise demand for refrigeration.
Of course, the most important is: the enterprise must carry out regular cleaning, maintenance work for industrial water chiller. Because no matter is any kind of machinery and equipment, the various components of the shaft running or friction for a long time, the unit is bound to cause a certain degree of wear and tear, will naturally lead to failure.


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