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The refrigerator is unable to start the process encountered

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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Now, domestic refrigerator using the range more widely, although the domestic refrigerator and have a higher performance, but in the actual use of the process, there are also the probability of failure. Below by the refrigeration unit manufacturers told us to start treatment meet freezer.
Failure analysis of cold water machine can not start
First, freezer can not start, the main reason lies in the system in the running process, if a little pressure at the inlet of the freezer, unable to meet the basic conditions to run, then freeze the chance to appear unable to start.
Second, freezer can't start, according to the domestic water chiller plant configuration instructions, we are able to understand basic due to the pump idle and so on cloud causes, as long as the existence with each system of a refrigerator in the air to complete the release of effective and can meet the suitable operating environment to freezer start to. [price].
Third, freezer start problems need to be addressed to a pressure, domestic water chiller plant remind refrigerator users, in varying degrees of starting difficulty, need according to the actual demand, refrigerator to complete the specific maintenance.
Fourth, to protect the refrigerator running smoothly, in the use process of refrigerator, water pump inlet and outlet of effective control, with the air is continuously excluded, unable to start fault perfect solution.
We can master excluded freezer can't start fault method, combined with their own specific abilities, so as to achieve the purpose of the smooth operation of the guarantee refrigerator, can learn this repair techniques, to reduce the faulted freezer in a crucial role.


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