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Low liquid sensitivity of screw type industrial ice water machine

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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Use of new technology to produce industrial ice machine equipment, due to the very low liquid sensitivity, industrial water machine to promote the long-term operation of the process of energy consumption is relatively low. Because the screw type industrial ice machine running performance is relatively stable, and long-term operation of industrial ice machine does not appear any failure, effectively reduce the cost of industrial use of industrial water consumption.
Why the screw type industrial chiller is less sensitive to liquid
The reason why industrial ice water machine is low sensitivity to the liquid, the main reason lies in the industrial ice machine in the long run, industrial ice machine has a better running stability. In the efficient operation of industrial ice machine, low vibration frequency generated by the screw industrial chiller, won't affect the equipment normal operation is conducive to the extended operating life of equipment, to avoid the industrial ice machines from the influence of base vibration and so on, resulting in unstable operation performance.
Cooling way to help the environment to quickly reduce the temperature
Water-cooled screw industrial ice machines used as a result of new injection cooling way, in the operation of industrial water chiller, within the same range of space, screw industrial chiller cooling performance more robust, to fast implementation of the environment within the shortest time and cooling operation, so as to improve the industrial water chiller operation safety and stability, effectively reduce the industrial water chiller fault rate, to extend the industrial ice machine service life to provide comprehensive technical support.
Screw industrial chiller cooling performance is stronger, the less energy consumption
In the use of industrial water chiller, if screw industrial chiller performance is very stable, then the business even if long time use industrial ice machine equipment, also does not appear increasing energy consumption. To ensure the stability of industrial ice machine operation, help to reduce the cost of industrial use of industrial ice machine, and really improve the utilization rate of screw type industrial ice machine.
The lower the sensitivity of the liquid, the more stable the cooling performance of the industrial chiller. Be able to recognize the features of the use of the screw type industrial chiller, adjust the industrial chiller plan in time to ensure the long-term stable operation of the industrial chiller.
The higher the cooling performance of the equipment is, the higher the stability is. In order to avoid industrial ice machine failure multiple problems in the long run and need to continue to reduce the sensitivity of liquid equipment, regularly at the same time for industrial ice machines were comprehensive maintenance and maintenance, can effectively reduce the failure rate of the industrial water chiller, to prolong the service life of the equipment to provide comprehensive technical support.


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