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Ultra low temperature freezer

Product name:Ultra low temperature freezer

Category of:Cryogenic cooler

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Low temperature experiment and storage of special materials for scientific research, medical supplies, biological products, ocean products, electronic components, chemical materials, etc..
Temperature control system
1 imported Italy Eliwell / DEI microcomputer precise temperature control system. 2 temperature range can be set freely according to the user's needs.
3 digital display ultra low temperature test chamber temperature. 4 ultra low temperature freezer special double platinum temperature probe.
Safety control system
1 super temperature dual alarm system. Alarm range free set.2. keyboard lock, password protection. To prevent the operation parameters of the low temperature tank.
3 boot delay start, stop interval protection. 4 ultra low temperature freezer box with lock.
5.24 hours of recording and printing system: the inside of the box temperature probe 2. Temperature high precision display box matching].
Unique power off memory function, 4500 point information record permanent preservation.
6 recording information read 3 bit password protection to prevent any acquisition of ultra low temperature freezing temperature change in the box. Optional]
7 ultra low temperature freezer special 220V remote alarm system matching].
8 data processing software: through the 232 interface and computer communication, drawing temperature curve, display data table, data and image can be saved, query and print [optional refrigeration system
1 imported Danish Danfoss efficient refrigeration system. 2 imported Ebm fan motor.
3 imported Danish Danfoss dry filter. 4 ultra low temperature freezer for imported oil separator.
5 imported ultra low temperature refrigerant. 6 ultra thick insulation layer, the door two times the sealing technology, good insulation effect.
7 imported super cryogenic refrigeration oil (-145 C) 8 stainless steel liner.
User friendly design
Ultra low temperature freezer safe door lock design, to prevent arbitrary opening.
Ultra low temperature freezer with wide climate design, using the 10-32 environment
Remarks: the main production of - 20 DEG and 30 DEG C, - 40 DEG C, - 80 DEG C, 125 DEG. - 135 DEG C and ultra low temperature freezer, with the volume of the 70L to 780L of different specifications to.

Other kinds of ultra low temperature freezer special size can be customized!

Our company can be designed according to the different needs of users of the targeted freezing. The production of each customer requirements. The product temperature requirements and site location, size and according to a variety of materials and the characteristics of the production process, the actual production of temperature requirements in different working conditions, is to take the optimal combination of frozen. Cooling mode, the tailor customized special frozen. Cold storage facility, in order to achieve the expected requirements of the production process effect is our unique advantage. Temperature from -30 degrees to -140 degrees can meet food. Chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, aviation, oil and other industries to the needs of low temperature. And to provide users with planning, engineering design, construction, installation, equipment production and maintenance of integrated services. Project contents include: refrigeration system, automatic control system, electrical control, pipeline insulation, installation and other projects turnkey project. Deng QQ:642106717 0755-29372978 Phone Fax: 0755-29372978

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