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Water cooled screw type cold water machine

Product name:Water cooled screw type cold water machine

Category of:Water cooled screw chiller

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

ormance test, is in line with industry standards for qualified products.
Screw refrigeration compressor * international famous brand screw refrigeration compressor, United States and European Patent Technology
* the most advanced line of high efficiency 5:6 third generation of asymmetric tooth type screw
* semi closed design, only three moving parts, with fewer parts, the characteristics of low failure rate
* grading or stepless energy adjustment, flexible and convenient control, energy saving, high efficiency and easy maintenance
* selection of the world's leading SKF and FAG zero clearance multiple thrust and radial bearings, structural precision, high reliability
* double-layer three-dimensional oil separation filter, oil filter effect is good, and effectively ensure the normal work of the compressor and heat exchanger efficient heat transfer
* use the non pump type internal pressure differential system, energy saving, high efficiency and reliability.
* special low loss fluoride resistant motor design, equipped with motor overheating protection device is reliable, efficient and reliable work effectively to ensure that the motor
Under the condition of low temperature and heat pump, the liquid refrigerant injection system is equipped, which can effectively reduce the working load and exhaust temperature of the key components, and improve the working reliability of the compressor.
* design of the exhaust chamber of the patent and the continuous gas transmission of the rotor to ensure low vibration and low noise of the compressor
CNS11870B7273 (IS0917, JISB8606) test system to ensure that the compressor factory performance 100% to meet the design requirements
* the exhaust valve is installed to prevent the rotor from reversing when the machine is shut down.
Condenser: cleaning of water-cooling condenser by the outer diameter 19mm intensified heat exchange tube (inner fin fin). The expansion joint in the tube plate, water side design pressure 10bar, fluorine side design pressure of 25bar, and is equipped with safety valve, to ensure the safety of the device.
Evaporator: the use of dry direct expansion evaporator, fluoride in the heat exchanger tube inside the flow, the water side design pressure is 10bar; fluorine side design pressure is 25bar. Evaporator outsourcing 10mm thick soft closed cell foam rubber insulation materials, can effectively prevent the evaporator and the engine room of the outside air heat transfer, reduce the energy loss.
Electrical control: all components of the unit start and control are installed in the electric control box, the factory wiring and complete function test. The electric control part comprises a touch screen, SIEMENS PLC controller, the main contactor, circuit breaker etc.. Equipment is equipped with an emergency stop device, which ensures the safety of the operator.
Water flow switch: equipment factory equipped with 2 target type water flow switch

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