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Water cooling box type cold water machine

Product name:Water cooling box type cold water machine

Category of:Water cooling box type cold water machine

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

The water cooled box type cold water machine is mainly composed of a scroll compressor, a water cooling condenser, a filter, a liquid path control valve, a thermal expansion valve, an inner thread copper tube evaporator and an electric control system.
1: scroll compressor:
With Europe and Japan imported hermetic scroll compressor, with low noise. Efficient. Low energy consumption, lower failure rate, safe and stable operation. Excellent performance and reliable characteristics.
2; efficient heat exchange type evaporator / condenser:
The water cooling condenser can be cleaned by the enhanced internal thread heat exchange tube, the expansion joint on the tube plate, the water side design pressure is 12bar, the fluorine side design pressure 25bar, and equipped with a safety valve, to ensure the safety of equipment. Evaporator with more than 1.5mm thick and high quality purple copper pipe, the design of internal thread, large diameter, large flow, good cooling effect.
3; electrical components control system:
Imported digital display temperature controller, the domestic well-known brand electrical control configuration, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit. Not only makes the life of the machine extended, but also easy to operate;
4: the unit is equipped with a single or multiple refrigeration circuit can be replaced, the use of independent has reached the energy saving and environmental protection effect.
5; the unit is equipped with stainless steel heat preservation water tank, with sewage discharge port to facilitate cleaning and removal.
6; a number of system safety protection device, the unit reliable and stable operation, saving human resources. Unit safety temperature range 5 ~-40.
7. The machine adopts intelligent control, according to the load regulation of the size of the automatic energy, and to detect and balance the compressor running time to prolong the service life of the compressor; time interval timing starting, stopping and remote control, and computer or mobile phone network (optional);
8; and have the following protection function:
A. compressor overload protection B. compressor overheat protection C. high and low voltage protection function D. inverse (lack of) phase protection E. compressor start protection F. sensor fault protection g. communication fault protection h. frost node protection I. compressor too high exhaust temperature protection J. cooling water, water flow is insufficient to protect K. fault self diagnosis function L. cooling water abnormal protection switch h refrigerant abnormal protection switch m antifreeze switch n thrombolysis overload protection device of o p coil overheat protector Q temperature automatic protection switch R inverse phase lack protection switch s over voltage and under voltage protection switch t cooling water pump protection.
10; the operation is convenient; a double refrigeration circuit, even if a circuit failure, the other loop can be run as usual.
The bottom of the body is provided with a movable casters, flexible and convenient use. Microcomputer control. Easy and intuitive operation.
11; unit standard conditions: freezing water inlet temperature of 12 degrees Celsius water outlet temperature 7 degrees, cooling water inlet and outlet temperature of 30 degrees /35.
12; the power supply voltage 3 phase 50HZ 380V allows voltage fluctuation range of plus or minus 10% range.
This series of models can be customized ultra low temperature liquid temperature can be up to (7 C ~-40 C)

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