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Low temperature explosion-proof cold water unit

Product name:Low temperature explosion-proof cold water unit

Category of:Explosion-proof chiller

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Explosion proof water cooled unit is a new type of unit which is designed on the basis of the standard chiller. The flameproof, increase safety, intrinsically safe, positive pressure, oil filled, filled with sand, no spark, encapsulation and airtightness etc. various proof way, the unit can be used in flammable and explosive occasion, and according to different using occasions characteristics and safety requirements of the different choices of explosion-proof level.
The company's production of special cold water units, the main application and flammable and explosive and other special places. The production of power ranging from 10HP to 200HP. Can be customized according to customer requirements. All components of the water chiller are manufactured according to the national standard of explosion protection. Explosion proof of the main controller according to the gb3836.1-2000 the explosive gas environment for electrical equipment, general requirements ", gb3836.2-2000" explosive gas environment with electrical equipment vibration proof type "d" and gb3836.3-2000 the explosive gas environment with electrical equipment increased safety "e", "the provisions of the design and manufacture. Be able to meet customer's special requirements.
The company produced explosion-proof cold water machine has the following characteristics:
1 low failure rate
The unit uses high quality imported twin screw compressor, the operating unit is only 1/10 of the compressor, the vibration is only 1/5 of the reciprocating compressor. Failure rate is only 1/10 reciprocating compressor, coupled with the world class brand control devices, to ensure that the unit can be operated safely and stably for a long time.
2 energy saving
Screw compressor with part of the load function, through the multi head and PLC control technology, the unit either at full load or part of the load can achieve the best energy efficiency ratio, significantly reduce your operating costs. We can provide four (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) and continuously variable energy regulation for you to choose from.
3 security
Unit provides a complete protection from the refrigerant system, electric system to the water system, fully guarantee the safe operation of the unit. The compressor motor overheating, overcurrent, phase anomaly, the oil level is too low, low voltage and high voltage protection.
4 high efficiency
Compared with the reciprocating compressor, the turbine unit has a more efficient compressor, and the use of efficient heat exchanger, so that the unit has a strong applicability and high efficiency.
5 flexible
Unit through the use of a variety of collocation compressor, you can provide a variety of models from 50KW to 2200KW for your choice, there will be a need to meet your needs. We can also according to your request for your special custom.
6 convenience
Units using advanced PLC control technology, truly a "one touch switch" and fully automatic operation. No human intervention.

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