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High efficiency screw type brine refrigerating machine set

Product name:High efficiency screw type brine refrigerating machine set

Category of:Efficient screw brine refrigeration units

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Brine refrigeration unit can provide -5 DEG to -40 DEG freezing liquid is our company for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, pharmaceutical, electroplating, frozen food and other special industries, research and design of a new generation of low temperature refrigeration unit, cooling unit (saline air cooling, water cooling, air cooling machine, water-cooled double double machine series mainly adopt international famous brand () Taiwan Hanbell Hanbell, German Bitzer). Bitzer screw type piston compressor, supporting efficient shell and tube condenser, dry type shell and tube evaporator and the United States Danfoss, ALCO, Danfoss (American Merson international famous brand components; configuration control system + SIEMENS PLC LCD touch screen display, the unit has compact structure and small volume, noise small, with stable performance, high efficiency, safe and convenient; a number of system safety protection device, can realize the continuous cooling process 2 4 hour operation requirements.
Unit characteristics:
* condenser: cleaning of water-cooling condenser by the outer diameter 19mm intensified heat exchange tube (inner fin fin). The expansion joint in the tube plate, water side design pressure 10bar, fluorine side design pressure of 25bar, and is equipped with safety valve, to ensure the safety of the device.
* evaporator: to do anti-corrosion treatment, or the use of Navy copper, the latest efficient internal thread copper tube, enhanced heat transfer effect, more energy efficient. CAD/CAM processing technology is completed, the structure is compact, the refrigerant is evenly distributed, and the heat transfer efficiency is improved. Available calcium chloride, sodium chloride aqueous solution refrigerant, using dry direct expansion evaporator, fluorine in heat transfer enhancement inside the tube flow, water side design pressure 10bar; fluorine side design pressure of 25bar. Evaporator outsourcing 40-60mm thickness of soft closed cell foam rubber insulation materials, can effectively prevent the evaporator and the engine room of the outside air heat transfer, reduce the energy loss.
Efficient economy: the use of plate direct expansion type heat exchanger, the cold side of the heat exchanger tube inside the flow, the design pressure is 16bar, the hot side in the shell, the design pressure is 25bar. Shell outsourcing 40mm thick soft closed cell foam rubber insulation materials, effectively prevent and outside air heat transfer and reduce the energy loss.
Compressor features:
* international famous brand of asymmetric gear type efficient compressor, energy efficiency than ordinary compressor 25%-35%, the United States and Europe patent technology
* the most advanced line of high efficiency 5:6 third generation of asymmetric tooth type screw
* semi closed design, only three moving parts, with fewer parts, the characteristics of low failure rate
* grading 4 paragraph (100%-75%-50%-25%) three paragraph (100%-66%-33%) or stepless energy regulation, flexible and convenient control, energy saving, efficient and easy to maintain.
* three stage oil filter, oil filter effect is good, effectively ensure the normal work of the compressor and heat exchanger efficient heat transfer
* a variety of refrigerant selection in addition to R22 refrigerant, you can also choose R134A.R404A.R407C and other environmentally friendly refrigerant.
Independent refrigeration system design, multi head unit is relatively independent, moving parts to the least, reliable operation
* oil separator: using centrifugal spiral two oil separator, further separation of the oil in the exhaust, improve the reliability of the equipment and heat transfer effect, improve the efficiency of the equipment.
* electrical control: well controlled
PLC programmable controller, man-machine interface, all Chinese display.
PLC using closed loop direct digital control (DDC), can realize the whole process, the whole automatic computer control, make the group control more accurate and reliable
Automatic monitoring outlet temperature of chilled water, through the PLC automatic control valve unloading, automatically adjust the compressor in a small temperature range, reduce energy consumption.
When the unit starts, the computer can realize the climbing control, and quickly reach the full load.
* with self diagnostic function, when some parameters close to the limit value, take certain protection measures, and issued a warning, so that the unit is not damaged, and the day to reduce unplanned downtime. Automatic recording of the last ten times the unit failure alarm and the occurrence of time, and the issue of handling tips.
* unit automatic protection function: low suction pressure protection of compressor, the compressor discharge pressure is too high to protect, ultra low temperature chilled water to protect water, cooling water of the water cut-off protection, motor overload protection, motor overheating protection, power failure protection, over-voltage, under voltage, lack of phase and phase sequence wrong), anti repetition priming.
* control panel display function:
Host running state, chilled water pump, cooling pump status, outlet temperature of chilled water, suction pressure, discharge pressure of the compressor, the exhaust temperature of the compressor, compressor, total running time, unloading state, time display function, fault display function. Please specify when ordering * brine unit refrigerant type, coolant outlet temperature, coolant temperature difference between inlet and outlet and chilled water flow.

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