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High efficiency screw type ethylene glycol low temperature unit

Product name:High efficiency screw type ethylene glycol low temperature unit

Category of:Ethylene glycol units at low temperature

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Stable high efficiency energy saving water cooled screw ethylene glycol unit
The series of screw type ethylene glycol unit is characterized by simple and stable system design, high efficiency and energy saving. This characteristic is embodied in the application of the latest technology of the heat exchanger and the combination of the advanced semi closed double screw compressor with the microcomputer control technology.
Unit characteristics
1. The compressor adopts international well-known brands (Taiwan Hanbell Hanbell., Germany Bitzer Bitzer screw compressor) and external, level 2 oil separator,
2 most advanced type of high efficiency 5:6 third generation of asymmetric tooth type screw
3 semi closed design, only three moving parts, with fewer parts, the characteristics of low failure rate
4 no oil pump design (internal pressure of the compressor oil supply),
5 energy for the four paragraph of regulation, the three paragraph of regulation,
6 each compressor is a refrigeration circuit,
7 units of a large range of refrigeration capacity, complete models,
8 unit with double screw and half closed compression head, low operating noise,
9 the unit adopts low load and star delta conversion to start, the starting current is small,
10 unit is not sensitive to wet compression,
11 units of less moving parts, long maintenance cycle (more than 3 years before the overhaul), double screw bearing design life, up to 120 thousand hours,
Unit 12. Using single-sided or double-sided strengthening efficient heat exchange tube evaporator using dry design, freon filling less and oil return good.
13 units with convenient operation of the PLC programmable controller system and LCD touch display and control function, can be equipped with networking communication function.
14 with self diagnostic function, in some parameters close to the limit value, to take certain measures to protect, and issued a warning, so that the unit is not damaged, and the day to reduce unplanned downtime. Automatic recording of the last ten times the unit failure alarm and the occurrence of time, and the issue of handling tips.
15. The automatic protection function: low suction pressure protection of compressor, the compressor discharge pressure is too high to protect, ultra low temperature chilled water to protect water, cooling water of the water cut-off protection, motor overload protection, motor overheating protection, power failure protection, over-voltage, under voltage, lack of phase and phase sequence wrong), anti repetition priming.

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