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Electroplating machine

Product name:Electroplating machine

Category of:Electroplating refrigerator

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

In electroplating industry, the cold water machine can help to stabilize metal and nonmetal ions, so that the metal ions quickly attach the plating parts, not only increase the density and smooth, and can reduce the number of electroplating, improve productivity. In the electroplating industry, the cold water machine helps to quickly recover a variety of chemicals, reduce waste.
Electroplating refrigerating machine is our company according to the low temperature unit based, electroplating industry carefully studies the design of refrigeration unit by with strong acid and alkali manufacturing materials to precise control of electroplating solution, different temperature requirements, so as to ensure the best quality of the plating. Is equipped with advanced automatic control system; can achieve requirements of cooling process of continuous running 24 hours a day (- 5 DEG C - 40 DEG C low temperature refrigerant). Frozen plating unit refrigerating capacity: 35KW-660KW input power of the; 18.7KW-303.2KW can meet the industrial production in 24 hours continuous students to process cold source of demand.
Electroplating chiller air-cooled, water-cooled two series, air-cooled > Free installed cooling tower, easy to install, easy to move, for in lack of water without water tower place 2 > low noise fan motor, excellent cooling cooling effect, stable throttling mechanism, excellent anti rust treatment 3 > by Europe and the United States imports of high performance compressor, high eer value, low noise and smooth running.
Product features:
Using the United States imports of brand-name Valley wheel compressor, built-in safety protection, low noise, power consumption and durability, in order to increase the service life of the equipment.
The air-cooled condenser adopts high efficiency fin type, which has the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency, high efficiency external rotor fan and no connection cooling tower system.
Water cooled condenser using seamless dentate outer screw thread copper pipe shell and tube type, with particularly strong heat exchange efficiency, long service life, unpick and wash, etc..
The use of industrial pure titanium and PVC water tank evaporator, to ensure that the electroplating solution can be a good heat exchange, and has a strong ability to resist acid and alkali.
Using high strength chemical pumps, large flow, low noise, long-lasting.
Using liquid crystal display microcomputer controller, can accurately control the water temperature, Chinese interface, simple and convenient operation, complete control functions.
Using German Schneider electrical products, with a sound electrical protection system.
Electrostatic spray coating, beautiful and generous, the appearance of the board using a rapid installation, easy to use and maintenance.
Electroplating refrigeration installation steps
1, the installation of the site must be the floor, the installation pad or foundation, the level of the 6.4mm, and can bear the weight of the unit operation.
2, select the appropriate diameter of water pipes, the maximum power of the unit operation of the cooling system and cooling water system, and the correct connection.
3, in the end of the unit should be set aside to clean the condenser tube bundle pumping pipe space, but also the door or other suitable location hole.
Installation notes:
1 in order to reduce the noise and vibration, it is best to install vibration isolator on the pipe.
2. Generally speaking, the proper water treatment and a bundle of regular cleaning to maintain its good performance, if the existing water quality conditions cannot use appropriate methods to be improved, it will be considering allowing bundle have larger dirt coefficient or designated special structural materials.
3 unit should be placed at room temperature for 4.4-43.3 degrees C in the room, the unit around and above should be sufficient space for daily maintenance work.
Electroplating machine

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