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-35 C ~ -80 deep freezing unit

Product name:-35 C ~ -80 deep freezing unit

Category of:Deep refrigeration unit -35℃~80℃

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Product features of screw type complex deep cold set:
Cascade type cryogenic refrigeration system is composed by the high and low temperature part. The low temperature part provide required cryogenic capability and high temperature by RR404A, low temperature with low temperature refrigerant R23, but this kind of refrigerant condensing temperature is very low, under the same pressure with cooling water to be condensed. Part of the high temperature and temperature refrigerant cycle, its role is for condensing temperature of refrigerant, the high and low temperature part shared a evaporative condenser and the "cascade" to application of two refrigerant complex cascade refrigeration cycle.
A. two element cascade low temperature freezer:
Binary cascade refrigeration system using, made of high temperature R404A/R22 low temperature grade R23 combination can provide - 30 DEG C and 80 DEG C cryogenic process cold source; binary complex stack cryogenic refrigerating capacity range in 5kW ~ 700kW; binary cascade low temperature freezer at home and abroad have strong economic and technological advantages.
B. three element cascade low temperature freezer:
It is composed of high temperature level (R404A/R22), low temperature grade R23, super low temperature level (R14), the minimum can provide -120. Two element cascade low temperature freezing mechanism cold range is 3KW ~ 300kw;
C. single automatic stack cryogenic unit, using a variety of non azeotropic refrigerants, single-stage compression, auto cascade, provide - 40 DEG C to - 135 DEG C low-temperature freezing liquid, due to the adoption of a single compression, auto cascade technology, with simple system, high reliability, price, etc..
1. The compressor by Bitzer Germany, Taiwan Hanbell semi enclosed twin-screw compressor; main components are the international well-known brands of imported components, such as Danish Danfoss, American Emerson, American alco, Italy Castel, such as refrigeration components; energy efficient, stable;
3 using the German Siemens SIEMENS industrial grade PLC programmable controller and large screen touch screen LCD man-machine interface, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient.
4 special, scientific oil system design, to solve the traditional complex low temperature refrigeration oil difficult to separate the technical problems, so that equipment can achieve continuous production
5 special, scientific release pressure expansion system design, the equipment of the low temperature grade refrigerant R23 at any time can ensure the safety pressure range, more secure, more energy saving, environmental protection;
(fifth, sixth characteristics of the company in many years of the design optimization of the complex units of the results; so that the system to achieve the international advanced level).
6 the electronic expansion valve is used to carry out the precise regulation of the refrigerant, so that the partial load and full load of the unit can be efficiently and effectively. On the basis of the compressor's self energy regulation, the special heat bypass can be adjusted, which can realize the stepless energy regulation of the 10%-100% of the unit.
It can meet the requirement of 24 hours continuous production in industrial production!
The compressor form is divided into: screw machine and screw extruder, screw and piston machine, piston and piston machine cascade, piston and scroll machine, scroll and scroll machine
Piston type cascade cryogenic unit / vortex cascade cryogenic unit
1. The device can provide - 35 to 80 DEG C low temperature refrigerant, cooling capacity from 1KW~10KW. coolant can be for ethanol, dichloromethane, or other non freezing solution;
Two using 2 German Bitzer, semi closed piston compressor, stable operation, safe and efficient,
3 to meet the needs of 24 hours of continuous production process of low temperature cold source in industrial production!
B. high temperature stage compressor C. high temperature grade condenser D. high temperature expansion valve
E. condensing evaporator A. low temperature stage compressor D. low temperature expansion valve
F. evaporator

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