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Integrated mobile refrigeration unit / chiller

Product name:Integrated mobile refrigeration unit / chiller

Category of:One-piece frozen/chiller unit

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Brief introduction of an integrated mobile refrigeration unit / chiller:
According to the company's many years of design experience, for the refrigeration equipment engineering installation and need characteristics of frozen room construction, short construction period, and heavy task, our combined with years of refrigeration and engineering installation experience, self - development, design, manufacturing a series of mobile refrigeration units. Designed according to type of mobile cold water station, production, factory machine for container model, to industrial users with a good power supply, connect source of cooling water, and freezers and equipment between pipeline can be connected using, do not need to dedicated computer room, at the same time according to the different engineering installation need to design different configurations and different shape size of the integrated unit. The main engine of the whole unit has a wide range of refrigeration, and the temperature range of the water outlet temperature of chilled water solution is wide.
Scientific design and years of engineering experience
- my company will tailor the program for you to design the best refrigeration system for you. We have provided various types of cold water units. Refrigeration unit system, and at any time to provide customers with technology. Let refrigeration, cold storage, refrigeration and customer use of equipment can be fully automated control.
Mobile refrigeration unit has strong adaptability and stable quality.
- a mobile refrigeration system can maintain good running and normal cooling at ambient temperature of 0 ~+35. And the special design of the model also allows the normal operation in the most harsh conditions (-30 C ~+60 C). Mobile refrigeration system can also be installed in the container, the installation of wind cooling equipment and air conditioning. To ensure the constant temperature in the container. And ensure that the equipment is not affected by the outside world. And each component is strictly detected before use. Our goal is to provide customers with a stable, reliable and durable.
High efficiency and energy saving of mobile refrigeration unit
An optimized design of a mobile refrigeration unit system,
1 with high efficiency, long life, small vibration, low noise characteristics;
2 under the minimum load (25%) of the compressor in the refrigeration system, the star delta voltage reduction is initiated, which effectively reduces the starting current and the impact of the power grid.
3 flexible adjustable design, can make the unit in the 25%-100% continuous energy regulation (stepless adjustable), to ensure the full play of the compressor performance and help. Users to save operating costs to the maximum extent
Mobile refrigeration units full automation, high degree of intelligence
- unit control system using imported PLC program controller, man-machine interface configuration big screen touch screen, the interface is simple and easy, intuitive and convenient operation.
Unit operation controller is extremely convenient to operate, modify parameters, query the fault record, energy regulation management, anti freezing test, running time, oil preheating and so on can be clearly displayed. Can achieve human-computer separation, remote operation, can be completely unattended operation. The use of personnel do not have a long time training.
Siemens, LG, OMRON and other international well-known brands of electrical control components to ensure the safety of the operation of the unit, the accuracy of the accuracy of the reality. Start using Y- delta start n unit, the starting current is greatly reduced, reducing the impact on power. Now, mobile refrigeration units are widely used in various fields of the world.
Mobile refrigeration unit is easy to maintain and easy to move.
- all of our equipment is modular design. Site maintenance is simple. Once the parts need to be replaced, you will easily remove the old parts and replace them with new parts. And our modular design, it is for the convenience of the future to fully consider the construction of the site.
Each customer's production requirements. Difference of product temperature requirements and the size of the site location, we will according to your special requirements. Design a set of perfect solution. Can be customized according to various materials and the characteristics of the production process are special frozen. Refrigeration equipment, according to customer's actual production of temperature requirements in different working conditions, in order to take the optimal combination of frozen. Cooling methods to achieve the expected production process effect, is our company unique advantage.

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