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-35 C ~-80 C aquatic products fresh frozen equipment

Product name:-35 C ~-80 C aquatic products fresh frozen equipment

Category of:Aquatic equipment -35℃~80℃

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

The company developed the ultra low temperature and fast freezing machine is a kind of energy saving, high efficiency, multipurpose freezing equipment; patent technology to solve the seafood, aquatic products, meat food in the frozen ice crystallization during the unbalanced problem in science and in aquatic meat food processing science and technology reached the world leading level. Such as mussel meat in general after freezing, thawing, the loss of soluble protein, resulting in loose meat, losing the original taste. Using the frozen machine, the quality is still fresh after thawing. This machine can also be used in lead shrimp, go head shrimp, shrimp, crab, fresh fish, and other aquatic food and meat food monomer to freeze the use. The refrigerator and is suitable for fishing fast freezing preservation. This machine is a new generation of freezing equipment, which is first in the world, covers an area of small size, easy to operate, and is superior in energy saving performance. Two. Working principle:
Ultra low temperature liquid quick freezing device and its working principle as "frozen goods and cryogenic liquid (usually edible alcohol) direct contact freezing", that is the temperature at low temperature the temperature of liquid tank fell to - 40 DEG C to 80 DEG C (temperature can be according to adjust the temperature of different food design), and then the packaged fresh food (fish, meat and other quickly immersed into low-temperature liquid tank in, in the 2 ~ 30 minutes frozen, avoid food internal ice formation period, keep the cell membrane is not destroyed, after thawing nutrient loss and keep food original flavor, taste and nutritional value and even on the palate than superior fresh food.
Composition of A. equipment system:
1 refrigerating machine:
The our company produces cascade ultra low temperature refrigeration unit; liquid temperature - 40 DEG to 80 DEG C, according to the different frozen products can be adjusted to adjust; the main parts of the equipment are used imported products; stable and efficient; equipment can be realization of automatic power regulation.
2 low temperature liquid freezing tank: 316L food grade stainless steel +PU polyurethane insulation, anti cold bridge design, according to the actual requirements of the user design
3 product freeze frame: 316L stainless steel modular design, fully consider the liquid flow channel; so that all products more uniform freezing.
4 auxiliary equipment: low temperature liquid circulation pump, liquid storage tank, cooling tower and other auxiliary equipment
5 control system: industrial grade PLC full automatic electric control system.
B. temperature range and freezing time:
Temperature range: liquid temperature -40 C ~ -80
Freezing time: 10 minutes to -40 degrees C (according to the different products can adjust the temperature and frozen time)
C. freezing amount: 100kg ~ 2000kg/h
Six. Compared with the traditional quick freezing method has the following advantages:
1, quick frozen time is short, the unit time output is big, the efficiency is high, suitable for continuous food processing,
2, long preservation time, good food quality, dry consumption, and can be very good to maintain the freshness of food;
3, the same output energy consumption is low, the amount of cold loss is small, the running cost is low;
4, less investment, more than the traditional cold storage to save more than 30%;
5, frozen in a relatively low temperature, the bacteria are generally killed or stop breeding, more safety and health.
Technical introduction of the liquid frozen storage equipment of aquatic products: quick freezing is the method of rapid freezing of food through its maximum ice crystal formation zone, when the average temperature is -18. Food in the freezing process will occur all kinds of changes, such as physical changes (volume, thermal conductivity, specific heat, dry loss variation) and chemical changes (protein denaturation, discoloration, etc.), tissue changes and biological and microbiological changes. The characteristics of fast frozen foods are to maximize the nutritional value and color aroma of the original food. That is to say, in the freezing process must ensure that the above changes in the occurrence of the food to achieve maximum reversibility.
Advantages of low temperature and fast freezing technology:
Through food quick freezing processing technology and compared by conventional freezing and processing of food, the biggest advantage lies in the cell membrane is not damaged, after thawing nutrients loss, keep the food original flavor, taste and nutritional value and even on the palate than superior fresh food.
Biological cells have a very magical biochemical reaction is in suddenly confronted with strong cooling when, in the interior of the cell will produce a kind of antifreeze material to resist the outside temperature changes, the material known as glycogen. On the palate has fresh and sweet taste. For example, Chinese cabbage, green vegetables and so on, under the frost, eat it will feel very sweet, is the truth.
Experiments show that these substances are also present in the cells of the animal. Liquid freezing technology is the use of low temperature and ultra low temperature in a very short period of time will be the temperature of food down, in food cells can produce substances of glycogen, sequentially in thawing food will feel than the taste of fresh food is more fresh and sweet.
Compared with the conventional freezing, the freezing time is shorter and the unit time is larger than that of the conventional freezing. Air is a poor conductor of heat, the heat transfer through the air, the freezing time is significantly longer. Generally conventional freezing such as shrimp, fish, meat, usually takes more than 4 hours or even more than ten hours.
The experiment shows that the heat transfer rate of liquid contact is usually several times of air heat transfer, so it can shorten the time of a few hours to a few minutes to ten minutes.
Each customer's production requirements. Difference of product temperature requirements and the size of the site location, we will according to your special requirements. Design a set of perfect solution. Can be customized according to various materials and the characteristics of the production process are special frozen. Refrigeration equipment, according to customer's actual production of temperature requirements in different working conditions, in order to take the optimal combination of frozen. Cooling methods to achieve the expected production process effect.

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