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(~-25 C +15 C) low temperature freezer / cold storage

Product name:(~-25 C +15 C) low temperature freezer / cold storage

Category of:Freezer/cold storage (+ 15 ℃ to 25 ℃)

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Our company. Design and manufacture a variety of large, medium and small-sized refrigeratory and freezer, cold storage preservation, freezer, cold storage logistics, medicine storage library and all kinds of super low temperature cold storage, the cold storage, constant temperature warehouse, anti cold and all kinds of cold storage; it consists of the combined and assembled cold storage and cooling civil library.
By the use of temperature requirements, can be divided into cold storage:
1: high temperature cold storage: L +5 --5 DEG C, mainly used for storage of fruits and vegetables, eggs, herbs, wood preservation, drying etc.. Also called the cooling base, cuvin general control in the temperature not lower than the freezing food juice. Cooling storage or cooling between the temperature is usually around 0 degrees C, and the cooling fan for cooling.
2: medium temperature cold storage: -10 grade --18 C D C, mainly used to store meat, aquatic products and products suitable for the temperature range.
3; low temperature cold storage: -23 grade --28 C J C. Also known as frozen library, freezing cold, cuvin general at around 20 degrees C~-30 DEG C, through the cold air machine or special freezing device to realize the food freezing.
4: super low temperature cold storage: -30 ~85 DEG C, mainly used for frozen food and industrial test, medical and other special purposes
5: cold storage: the storage of food after cooling or freezing. The different temperature cooling food and frozen food in different temperature of refrigeration and freezing room for short or long-term storage, usually cooling food refrigeration to maintain cuvin 4 DEG C ~ 2 DEG C, mainly used for storage of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, eggs and other foods; frozen food cold storage keep temperature is - 18 degrees C~-25 DEG C for storage, fish and poultry meat.
6: frozen cold storage: also called tunnel cold storage, frozen tunnel cold storage. Used for quick freezing of food.
Refrigeration equipment using the Bitzer Germany Bitzer, Taiwan Hanbell Hanbell, Copeland United States Copeland, the Danfoss Danfoss and other brand compressor; except for two. The other 80% above refrigeration components are used American Danfoss, American alco, Carly, France, American Emerson et international brands; ensure the refrigeration system is safe and reliable.
Company can provide cold storage engineering design, construction and installation, equipment production and maintenance works, the contents of basic construction, warehouse construction, refrigeration systems, lighting, electrical control systems and other projects. Welcome letter calls Advisory negotiations!

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