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(~-65 C -35 C) ultra low temperature tuna freezing / cold storage

Product name:(~-65 C -35 C) ultra low temperature tuna freezing / cold storage

Category of:Tuna/frozen cold storage (- 35 ℃ ~ 65 ℃)

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Along with the adjustment of the industrial structure of the national pelagic fishery, the ocean going fishery begins to change from the coastal fishery to the Oceanic Fishery. Tuna as a nutrient rich and valuable aquatic products will be or is to enrich our dining table. At home and abroad, the market prospect is very broad, and the extension of the whole set of refrigeration equipment is the coastal city seafood market, as well as the key refrigeration equipment of ocean fishery.
A; basic knowledge of super cryogenic frozen tuna
High quality tuna must have good freshness and maintain its unique fresh red. In the catch of the treatment, in addition to the quality assurance in the deck processing, it is necessary to do a good job in the freezing of tuna fish, frozen work is very complex, the first thing to understand the basic knowledge of the frozen tuna.
Throughout the logistics process of tuna processing. From the capture of tuna to retail, the perfect tuna ultra low temperature refrigeration chain is a necessary condition to ensure the development of the tuna industry. The cold chain consists of tuna longline vessels, tuna purse seine tug, tuna refrigerated transport vessels, land tuna cold storage, processing factory, car transport, freezer. Due to the freezing of tuna (-55 C ~ -60 C), the design and manufacture technology of super low temperature cold storage chain is a necessary requirement for the development of fisheries.
Two. Product service profiles:
My company in order to meet the requirements of refrigerated frozen tuna, relying on ultra-low temperature subzero refrigeration unit of experience in designing and developing based on research; for the user of tuna freezer provides planning, engineering design, construction equipment installation, equipment production and maintenance of integrated services. Tuna fish including node base, cold storage, cooling room etc.;
Project content includes: ultra low temperature cold storage refrigeration (Rong Shuang) system design and installation, refrigeration equipment manufacturing, warehouse thermal insulation, electrical automation control and other projects turnkey project. Cold temperature can reach -40 to -70 DEG C (adjustable);
Our design and production of tuna ultra-low temperature cold storage with energy saving, stable, efficient and so on, especially in the stability of the refrigeration system is particularly prominent.
Three. Technical parameters
Cold storage temperature:
Freezing room: -55 ~ -70 C (adjustable temperature, can be used for aluminum plate type or low temperature liquid freezer)
Cold storage room: -50 ~ -70 C (adjustable temperature, can be used in aluminum or cold air machine optional)
Pre cooling room: -40 C (temperature can be adjusted, can be used in aluminum pipe or cold air machine optional)
Refrigeration mode: double stage compression (pre cooling room) + two element cascade refrigeration
Four. Equipment conditions:
Equipment: 1. Using my company the production of cascade cryogenic unit; - 40 DEG C to 85 DEG C range, can provide - 35 DEG to 75 DEG C low temperature refrigerant or - 40 DEG C to 85 DEG C low-temperature refrigerant evaporation temperature; (with heat recovery system for defrosting); the equipment than double level compression can be improve efficiency of more than 30% of the
2 the main components of the system are well-known international brand products, engineering support materials can meet the requirements of low temperature;
3 cold storage control system using the German SImens SIEMENS PLC automation control system, high degree of automation, easy to operate;
4 maintenance and management costs are low
Five. Application areas
The system is not only used in tuna cold storage, but also can be used in:
Ultra low temperature storage of aquatic products and food
Ultra low temperature storage of biological products
Ultra low temperature storage of chemicals
Six. Program features
1 compared with the previous two-stage compression refrigeration equipment, it can greatly improve the efficiency of the refrigeration device and save cost. Complex two yuan frozen system for the industry to provide the best customer service.
2 compared with the dual stage system, improve the efficiency of 30%, the time to freeze the device to shorten the time from the original 3.5 hours to 1.5 hours.
3 compared with the dual class system, about 50% of the electricity cost.
4 maintenance cost is low
In order to provide customers with more accurate and efficient service, we set up the following professional functions of the team:
Technical service department:
- according to the personalized needs of customers, to help customers calculation, selection, selection of equipment;
The design, drawing, determine the system configuration, system engineering work instructions issued;
All kinds of technical consulting - customers.

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