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Fresh air temperature and humidity air conditioning

Product name:Fresh air temperature and humidity air conditioning

Category of:The constant temperature air conditioning

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

With the rapid development of social economy, human production and living space more and more is closed one of the optimal scheme to solve this problem is in the building, indoor air quality problems are also increasingly being taken seriously, and the introduction of the outdoor fresh air. The new wind series is our company strictly according to domestic and international standards, the use of optimal control technology designed to be the first class air treatment products.
The technological characteristics of the new air conditioning products:
1, new air conditioning can be achieved through the outdoor air conditioning can be used to wind temperature at 0 C -25 C, temperature of + 0.2 degrees C -5 C, relative humidity of 45-90% + 3-10%.
2, broadband humanized temperate design, intelligent control between 5-30 DEG C, accuracy + - 1 DEG C, both for professional wine storage, is also suitable for wine tasting activities, leisure life style wine cellar or place of business;
3, double digital LED control panel display, user-friendly button settings, easy to operate; (PLC+ touch screen) optional
4, three-dimensional surround air, the whole room temperature more uniform three-dimensional space;
5, Panasonic technology refrigeration compressor core components, strong refrigeration, to meet the large space, large area, multi capacity red wine storage needs;
6, intelligent control, ad hoc time switch design, defrosting design, delay protection and other functions, better care of wine;
7, easy installation, whether it is in a corner or independent houses, large residential, can of installing the air conditioner in a living space to connect a small place. It is widely used in the food storage room, chemical. Medicine. Electronic precision. All kinds of food workshop. Storage room,, suitable for urban in most residential and commercial establishments.

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