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Clean type constant temperature and humidity air conditioning

Product name:Clean type constant temperature and humidity air conditioning

Category of:Clean type air conditioning

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Special occasion demand, specially designed and developed a new type of air conditioner. It can not only regulate air temperature and humidity, but also to ensure the cleanliness and at the same time can provide sufficiently high residual pressure, in order to meet the requirements of direct user selection, filter, and to meet the noble cleanroom requirements for air temperature and humidity and cleanliness. Constant temperature and humidity air conditioning can be widely used in temperature and humidity, cleanliness, there are higher requirements, such as: hospital: operation room, asepsis ward, burn ward, baby rooms, leukemia housing; electronic purification workshop: integrated circuit, laser electronics, LCD, printed circuit boards, disk manufacturing, precision electronic equipment manufacturing;
Food industry: beverage filling, food packaging, brewing industry, food processing, etc.;
Biological engineering: testing room, preparation room, gene testing room, animal feeding room, etc.;
Pharmaceutical industry: Pharmaceutical Workshop, cell culture, packaging and storage;
Purification of constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit can be divided into water and frozen with cold source. The cold source of frozen water units to provide 5-10 degrees of chilled water from the water chiller with the cold source; with cold source type unit
The refrigeration system provided by the unit.
The water - cooled series unit is suitable for the occasion of sufficient water supply, and the air - cooled unit is suitable for the situation where the water source is short.
Two, the characteristics of the unit
Compression machine - selection of high performance imported compressor, safe, reliable, high energy efficiency ratio.
Fan - a centrifugal fan with high performance and low noise, which has the advantages of large air volume, high static pressure, low noise and smooth running.
Heat exchanger - the use of imported production line processing, so that the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger is greatly improved.
Outer shell - indoor machine: using high precision sheet metal processing equipment, to ensure the quality of appearance. The unit frame adopts the popular aluminum alloy light frame structure, beautiful and generous, and is especially suitable for the interior decoration style.
When the outdoor machine: adopt professional molding technology, heat exchanger has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good heat exchange effect. The shell is made of high quality steel spray, unit open place without risk of rust.
The heater adopts ribbed, electric heating tube, small volume, high heat conversion efficiency.
Refrigeration fittings - expansion valve, filter, solenoid valve, high and low pressure controller, pressure gauge and other famous brand products.
The temperature protection layer adopts polyethylene high foaming material, small thermal conductivity, high water resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance and no toxicity.
Control mode selection of high performance integrated control instrument. High control precision and good reliability. The remote control interface can be reserved according to the user's request, which is convenient for the remote centralized hole system and saves the management manpower.
Filter: two stage filtration system: primary air filter and high efficiency filter. The filtering effect can be reached by 90-95%.
Three. Micro computer hole technology, multi function automatic control:
Microcomputer and high file display, the full range of monitoring unit, automatic safety hole system, using the principle of fuzzy hole system to accurately regulate the energy, to achieve safe and economic operation of the unit.

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