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Precision constant temperature and humidity air conditioning

Product name:Precision constant temperature and humidity air conditioning

Category of:Precise air conditioning

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Air conditioning is designed and developed specifically for a variety of cold Laboratory environmental products.
Precision constant temperature and humidity in the laboratory: the control precision of temperature: 18-28 degrees, + 1 DEG C; humidity control accuracy: 40%RH-60%RH + 5%RH.
Precision constant temperature and humidity in the laboratory: the control precision of temperature: 18-28 degrees, + 0.5 DEG to - 0.3 DEG C; humidity control accuracy: 40%RH-60%RH + 2%RH.
main features
1 constant temperature and humidity air conditioning is in air cooling direct evaporation type DLA/FLA.
2 in order to ensure the regulation of cooling capacity, the use of compressor heat bypass and electric heating control measures to achieve a constant room temperature.
3. The standard configuration of secondary electric heater,, large heat dissipation area, effectively avoid ionization effect; with thyristor stepless regulation of small linear heating inert material, achieve proportional integral control, small inertia, heating, cooling rapidly, can quickly reach the purpose of heating,
The electric heater is automatically adjusted between 0%-100% with the change of temperature. The electric heater is equipped with a safety thermal protector to ensure the safety and stability of the operation.
4 standard configuration and type of electrode type humidifier, quick clean steam, no phenomenon. To reach the national level constant temperature and constant humidity laboratory standards, can be equipped with electric proportional integral type steam humidifier, humidifier with independent controller, built-in humidity evaporator.
To achieve the proportional integral humidification, control precision, and the equal distribution of the desiccant double system to achieve constant humidity control.
5. With ordinary tap water can be realize humidification precision is less than or equal to + 2%Rh; such as the use of completely deionized water and humidity control precision can reach + 1%Rh, electric proportional integral type steam humidifier built-in thermostat system, to ensure that the on / off regulation quickly reached the required amount of humidification.
6. In the high precision constant temperature and humidity in the laboratory setting the advanced high sensitivity sensor (accuracy + / - 1Rh); data acquisition and processing, to ensure the control precision of the constant temperature and humidity system to meet the requirements of the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment.
The 7 level standard by constant temperature and humidity air conditioning refrigeration, heating, humidification dehumidification centralized control, independent control. Refrigeration, heating, humidity control and humidity independent control of each other, mutual constraints, the two control system with the work of precision
Control temperature and humidity.
8 independent temperature control, refrigeration, heat compensation for each other, proportional integral control, precise control of temperature.
9 independent humidity control, humidity and humidity are compensated by each other, proportional integral plus controlled silicon control, precise control of humidity.
. independent temperature control, independent control of the wet joint control completely solve the ordinary thermostatic and humidistatic air-conditioning refrigeration, heating, humidification and dehumidification micro air gap, this mode of refrigeration, heating, humidification and dehumidification can line into four continuous operation curve, achieve uninterrupted dynamic balance.
The temperature and humidity control.
11. Constant temperature and humidity air conditioner realize modularization and all types of unit height and thickness, width of only different; in the process of transportation and installation can be divided into a number of modules, can easily enter the elevator can through the narrow passage.
12 pairs of modules have backup module. When the main module is insufficient to meet the cooling requirements of the computer room or the failure of the main module, the sub module will work and fully reflect the role of the backup. Under normal operating conditions, the main and auxiliary module adopts rotating operation mode.
Return air way unit 13 diversity. Air supply mode can be divided into upper air supply and air supply; air return way is divided into parietal gyrus, gyrus, frontal back and back air return and so on many kinds of ways.
The air filter 14 EU4 level, good filtering effect, meet the requirements of cleanliness.
15 precision intelligent control system. The user can monitor all kinds of temperature and humidity parameters of the unit and fault operation state information in real-time, and can adjust all kinds of parameters after inputting the password.
16 super networking capabilities and remote mobile monitoring. Support RS485, RS232, RS422, ModBUS, BacNET & LonWORKS, support GSM mobile short letter components and IP protocol SNMP, can control up to 16 units of air conditioning units.
17 using R22 as a refrigerant, you can also choose R410a or R407c environmentally friendly refrigerant.
18 choose the parts of the world famous brand, to ensure the reliability and high quality of the whole machine.
Valley American round closed, scroll compressor used in a core component of 19. The refrigeration part, start fast, low noise, high refrigerating efficiency; air blower with famous brand motor, low noise air to ensure air circulation, and equipped with large windward area efficient evaporator, enthalpy difference is small, small temperature gradient and high accuracy.
Main functions of the design of air enthalpy difference is small, the automatic of lab of refrigeration, heating, humidification, dehumidification, etc. control adjusted to maintain a constant temperature test chamber, ensure the accuracy of test chamber, temperature and humidity control, to meet the requirement of the test environment.
Mainly fiber application test, quality measurement, inspection and quarantine, chemical test, data preservation, dedicated warehouse, military applications, precision machining etc. national level constant temperature and constant humidity laboratory need constant high precision temperature and humidity, and the need to place of precise control of the working environment.

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