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Precision cellar temperature and humidity air conditioning

Product name:Precision cellar temperature and humidity air conditioning

Category of:Wine cellar air-conditioning

Model range:CBE-9ALHC至CBE-72ALHC

Series of models is the combination of advanced means of measurement and control technology of high-tech and modern humidification, dehumidifying, cooling, heating, air purification, realizes the indoor constant temperature and humidity environment.
The wine cellar air conditioning namely low precision air conditioning machine, commonly known as the wine cellar. The unit and the general principles of air conditioning is the same, but it also has its own characteristics. It uses is low temperature compressor, because wine cellar temperature is generally between 10 and 18 DEG C, and an ordinary air-conditioning minimum air temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, reached the lowest indoor temperature is 20 DEG left and right, so must the actual cryogenic compressor refrigeration and cryogenic compressor cooling temperature is about 0 DEG to 20 DEG C; unit is arranged in the interior of the humidifier, according to power unit size is usually adopted two kinds of ultrasonic humidifier, humidifying electrode. The introduction of built-in water tank is connected with a humidifier, a temperature and humidity control system of their own. According to the requirements set in the cellar, also equipped with condensation drainage pump and anti vibration device.
The storage of wine requires a suitable condition:
The constant temperature and humidity system features:
The system has the advantages of low volume, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and use, and can be used as a whole, and the system can be used for cooling, heating, wetting and removing dampness.
], touch screen full temperature humidity liquid crystal display, microcomputer automatic control dehumidification, humidification, cooling, heating, control system operation is extremely simple.
The current signal, - temperature and humidity sensor technology to realize high precision control.
], the single chip digital control, and computer interface, to achieve centralized monitoring, the use of long life, good stability, high linearity, wide range of temperature and humidity control, high resolution.
], refrigeration, heating, humidification, dehumidification process response time speed, high sensitivity, controllable uniform changes of temperature and humidity in the range and high sensitivity.
- saving, low noise. Correct use, not easy to damage, the price is reasonable.
], stable performance, reliable quality, compressor according to the use place on temperature and humidity of the specific requirements of the selection of high-quality brand closed vortex type compressor, compared with piston compressor, the vulnerability of decreased resistance to liquid compression performance is strong, can realize the adjustment of the temperature.
- with air purification device, to ensure that in a closed environment, indoor air purification.
], human high affinity interface control, optimization and energy saving, high efficiency, configuration of high and low voltage, antifreeze, oil pressure protection, overload protection, compressor three minutes delay protection, less reverse protection multiple security protection, safe and stable operation.
The air conditioner is different with the ordinary:
] ordinary air conditioner is mainly to solve the environment changes, and constant temperature and humidity machine is mainly integrated humidification, dehumidification, using PLC integrated controller,
Based on the high sensitivity of the current ambient temperature and humidity, according to the preset value of the temperature and humidity of the corresponding operating system, energy saving advantages are obvious.
] ordinary air-conditioning in the operation process, the main function is to control the changes of temperature, although running processes will reduce the wetting, but can't do the long when
] between the humidity control requirement, and constant temperature and humidity system set the temperature and humidity compensation control, effectively solve the continuous working time in constant temperature and humidity environment
Air filtration system - efficient, clean water humidification system, provide high quality clean and comfortable environment for customers
] constant temperature and humidity machine not only can be a single use, also can be connected in parallel to centralized control, with manual and automatic and timing to open, close.
] of the ordinary air-conditioning sensors are generally placed in the return air, measuring temperature and humidity value difference with the actual environment temperature and humidity, and temperature and humidity the
The sensor can be used according to the field need to be placed in any space position in the room, and the environment of the multi group probe can not be used when the high precision requirement is needed.
The same position, multipoint data acquisition, computer control signal, to achieve uniform temperature and humidity requirements.
] 6, compared with the ordinary air conditioning, constant temperature and humidity system can according to the customer need to use high-quality domestic and imported temperature and humidity probe, the control precision is high. and
General air conditioning is the use of more common temperature probe, a larger error.
The working principle and flow chart:
- this machine has the functions of dehumidifying and humidifying, cooling, heating four functions, the user may need to select a function.
] indoor wet air to pass through the surface of the evaporator, the evaporator temperature was lower than the dew point temperature of the wet air, air in the water vapor condensation precipitation, the accumulation of to the water tray, discharged from the pipe, air moisture content decline. After the wet air through the air and then through the air-cooled condenser temperature, the relative humidity

Decline, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the ambient air.

1, flow chart

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